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Strategy Implementation

Kick-off meetings & retreats

Cultural and goal alignment

Innovation, Improvement & sustainability

Recognition, new leaf and closure ceremonial events

Project Meetings

When to use a Facilitator

       Conferences; Mergers & Acquisitions; Restructures& Relocations; Team Building; Kick-off Meetings; Strategic Change; Reorganisation; Cultural Evolution; Knowledge sharing; Problem solving; Workshops; Whole company meetings; Market research; Strategic planning; Interactive MC

       Kick-off sales and marketing conferences that provide a unique and memorable experience for participants

       Meetings that set strategy, align culture, put plans into action and sustain change.

       Innovation programs that stimulate cross function communication and knowledge sharing.

       Scalable meetings from a few to many hundreds using a consistent set of tools and processes.

       Extraordinary teambuilding activities, either indoor or outdoor using the latest self organising technologies.

Achievement of maximum results in minimum time.

What if your lowest paid employee has within them the idea that will grow and sustain your business for a lifetime? How would you know? How will you find out?

Everything you need for a lifetime of success in business and life is already available either within you and within your reach - you just don't know it yet. That you or your lowest paid employee, have the seeds to next big idea or a solution to that problem is not as crazy as it sounds.

Whilst strategy and direction come from the hierarchy, innovative ideas and solutions are available everywhere. By aligning formal structures with and informal networks you'll be able to solve problems and apply strategy with unexpected ease.

We will change your world by helping you tap into the inner resources of you and your team. Our role is to help you facilitate business growth, performance improvement, strategy & innovation, sustainable change and corporate & personal healing. You will benefit from improved sales and profits, continuous innovation, clear strategy, increased energy, full buy-in to change, reduced fear and elimination of blame.


       Bust silos and bureaucracy to enable the free flow of information and knowledge sharing to stimulate innovation.

       Reconnect with corporate values that may have been diminished through past excesses and poor leadership options.

       Rekindle leaders, employees, directors and stakeholders belief in themselves.

       Assist leaders struggling with siege mentality generated by decades of blame, change fatigue and resistance to new initiatives.

       Improve corporate fitness through faster and more effective problem diagnosis and decision making

       Facilitate effective, energising meetings, conferences and workshops that continually rebuild culture and fully engage participants.


Strategic Change

Businesses are continually evolving in order to survive and prosper. The creation of a strategy is increasingly an evolving process rather than a fixed project. Such a process needs to engage larger numbers of people in the organisation to ensure that all relevant facts are considered and that optimal solutions are created. Such wider participation also ensures greater degrees of ownership and understanding to enable successful change.


Business team planning events; Strategic business meetings; Sales conferences and sales management events; Top-team reviews and ad-hoc issues resolution sessions; Cross function meetings; Whole company planning meetings



A frequent response in trying to bring about better performance is to restructure or establish new functions. The key issues are to establish some rapport within the group of people, to understand each others' roles and how they can work together. Inevitably, it takes time to establish a fully performing team but the process can be accelerated by an early workshop to create a more effective team.


Functional start-ups and role changes; Mergers and acquisitions; Integration of business teams and functions into larger businesses


Knowledge sharing

Most of the required knowledge lies within the organisation but can be readily supplemented with small amounts of expert knowledge. Hence we have helped clients by designing and facilitating workshops which use internal expert presenters for disseminating requisite knowledge to a wider audience. Content experts have been included as appropriate.

Examples of such workshops are:

Innovation programs; Cross function communications; Silo busting; Leadership development


Cultural Evolution

People in organisations often behave in similar ways because they share the same values and beliefs (at least to some extent). This enables more efficient communication and working. Hence the interest in 'changing the culture'. However cultures evolve over many years and are unlikely to be changed overnight other than by radical management overhaul and even then culture can endure. Even with this proviso, culture is an important and pervasive issue which needs to addressed.  


Integrating businesses with very different histories; Creating customer focus; Building common vision; Creating networks and team working


Corporate Healing:

As corporate healers we provide essential therapy to businesses traumatized by mergers, acquisitions, restructures, market shake-outs, extended below par performance or leadership change.

Our methods help eliminate ingrained fearful, negative and self limiting cultures that lead to high levels of staff turnover, stress and sick leave and missing performance targets.


Developing leadership skills, stimulating cross functional knowledge sharing and communication, team reconstruction, whole business involvement in strategy planning, self coaching systems for all employees, stimulating creativity and innovation and above all having fun at work.



The business case for better meetings is clear. Terrible meetings seriously impact business performance. The opportunity time lost in appalling meetings is irrecoverable. The ROI on the massive time invested in dreadful meetings cannot be justified.

 The seven sins of deadly meetings

as published in Fast Company Magazine April/May 1996 include:

People don't take meetings seriously

Meetings are too long

People wander off the topic

Nothing happens after the meeting - no action

People don't tell the truth

People aren't prepared for meetings -critical data missing

Meetings never seem to improve

 Underlying Principles

Group facilitation skills and tools are more valuable to effective leadership outcomes than presenting and influencing.

Poorly conducted meetings will undo every positive strategic, cultural and innovation initiative

Well conducted meetings significantly increase employee engagement and buy-in

Creativity and Innovation:

Steps towards innovation

Understand the nature of creativity

Develop creativity across the business

Eliminate barriers to creativity

Transform creativity into innovation

Turn innovation into sustainable strategic competitive advantage

Silo Busting

What could be achieved if innovation and performance were seamlessly integrated?

The organisational structure providing the highest energy merges the informal network that drives innovation with the formal structures that drive performance. The result is a fast flowing, errorless processes that deliver outputs seamlessly to customers whilst achieving mutually shared objectives.

Yet this vision is only rarely attained due to ‘silos’ that create barriers between teams. Silos undermine the effectiveness of the organisation, drain energy, slow responsiveness times, limit innovation and create political cultures focused more on internal issues than delivering products and services to customers.


Drive change and innovation.

"Silo Busting" is about breaking down the debilitating silo walls.

Common-sense tools and processes that can be used for immediate impact and which enable more effective integrated communication and cross team collaboration.

Silo Busting tools can be quickly learned and used by leaders and change agents within organisations so that new practices can become self sustaining.


Stakeholder Engagement

How much more could be achieved if everyone were fully engaged in the change process?

Engaging employees, suppliers, customers is becoming harder and harder. Big table meetings, PowerPoint presentations are now old hat and 'talking to" people can be a waste of time. Cutting up the boardroom table into small pieces is recommended.

People are best engaged in a small table meeting, like a cafe. As soon as more than six people sit around a big table, the dynamic changes significantly. The big table power power play reduces the effectiveness of that meeting and buy-in from the participants.


Learn "small table" techniques that will reduce the time spent on meetings whilst significantly increasing the potential for better, more informed decisions.







Group problem solving

Business and community Mediation


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